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More info about "Journeys" 

Jodphur market copy.jpg

Jodphur, India |1982| from Early Adventures

Like many photographers, my interest in photography started with travel.

Jim (my life-partner) introduced me to travel in the developing world with a trip to India in 1982.  He also bought me my very first camera (a simple 35mm point-and-shoot) to take along on that journey. Photography and travel were forever-after intertwined for me!

I believe that the photo, above, ' launched ' my  journey as a photographer. It was the clear standout (best composition, most compelling subject matter) of all the photos that I took on that first trip to India.  And that became the impetus to learn how to create better, more consistent images going forward. 

The galleries in  Journeys  are a bit like photographic  ' eye-candy '  --  photos that are heavy on drama/beauty.  They were chosen to hold your attention as individual images; they do not attempt to tell a complete visual story of any one destination.

A couple of organizational notes:

  • Early Adventures covers multiple trips spanning two decades. All the photos are from my ' film era.' (24 images total)

  • Each of the remaining galleries focuses on an individual trip. These images are all digital capture. (approximately 15 images in each gallery)

I plan to add more mini-collections from my past (and future) travel adventures to this page.
So, I hope that you will check back from time to time to see more of what has caught my eye around the world!

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