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As a visual artist, I am captivated by the elegance of the natural world. Looking close-up and close-in, my images reveal hidden geometry and celebrate exquisite form. In these imagesI am rediscovering the intimate architecture of living things.

When I ponder organic forms, I often respond to their patterns and textures as ‘visual music.’  At times, the structural dynamic is majestic, expressed with thrusting line or bold color.  Elsewhere, the rhythm rises softly from a delicate edge or subtle gradation in palette. Taken as a whole, these photographic meditations transform ordinary botanical specimens into something far more ethereal and archetypal. My hope is that viewers see more than strong visual design within these images. I would like to inspire fresh appreciation for nature’s sensuous rhythms.

I am not interested to shoot new things.
I am interested to see things, new.
  -- Ernst Haas (1921-1986)

My journey as a photographer is preceded by years of schooling in the musical arts.  Early on, appreciation for musical composition became intertwined with my sense of visual design.  In these images, the interplay between tempo, harmony and rhythm has been transposed upon my understanding of shape, line and form. By extension, I am sensitive to the relationship between images, and I relish occasions when one frame seems to initiate a natural conversation with another.  I invite viewers to compose their own melodies with these lush ‘visual notes.’

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